Christians Looking For Love: A Christian Mingle Review

Christian couple

Many Christians I know, young and old, are currently looking for a fulfilling relationship. One of my close personal friends just told me a story about finding the love of his life on They have been together now for almost two years, and they are perfect for each other! He suggested that I do a review encouraging other Christians to utilize this great resource to find the perfect partner. He was so passionate that I just had to take his suggestion!

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An Easy Church Fundraiser Idea

shutterstock_111888083As many of you know, among several other duties at my church, I am responsible for helping to raise funds for our youth groups.  This year, as in years prior, the high school youth group is looking to travel to a one of the many divisions of Habitat for Humanity, where they’ll assist in the construction of a home for a family in need.  Although this is a volunteer event and we make every effort to keep costs low, there are still, obviously, some costs associated with such a trip. Housing is typically provided for by a local church… where the kids can “set up camp” in the basement, prepare meals, take showers etc.

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Why The Family Foundation Is So Important And How To Preserve It Family Foundations - Cathedral Interior

The pillars of family have been the catalyst for the rise of Western civilization for hundreds of years. From the Roman Empire, to the United States of America and everything in between, the Christian family unit has been tremendously important in holding civilization together. There are a number of factors that make Christianity crucial for building empires. Morals, accountability, responsibility, and doing good in the name of God are important to building a civilization, but the glue that Christianity provides to the family unit is the most important.

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Building More Churches to Serve Christian Communities

There is a huge responsibility in keeping Christianity alive in this day and age. As more and more Christians are being persecuted in other parts of the world, the more important it is to explain to the younger generation the basics of their faith so they will understand why so many people are opposing it. In these trying times, the young people need to be educated on the teachings of the Church so they can defend themselves when people argue with them about religion and faith.

A Church is a place whee they can also worship Christ with fellow Christians and also learn more about their experiences. This is why it is important to have as many Churches as possible in an area in order to accommodate as many churchgoers. In a way, this makes sure that no one goes astray. It is a natural reaction togo to Church more if people see that there is an active community that they can belong to. This is therefore, an important thing for Churches to consider. It is common to build chapters or smaller groups and give them their own Church instead of having members drive all the way downtown or a couple of hours away.

A new Church may be costly, but it can also be kept simple and just keep doing improvements as time passes. You have to make sure of the quality of the materials, such as windows and doors in Barrie Church. The foundation of the building, like that of people, must be strong so that it can withstand different kinds of trials and challenges. The furnishings can be kept simple and may be replaced later on when the Church already has enough funds in its coffers.

Most of the time, you’ll find members who are willing to donate materials or their service to complete the construction of a new Church. It is considered a labor of love and service for their faith. Other members can be put in charge of decorating or cooking simple meals and serving refreshments. Children normally love being given these tasks as it makes them feel that they are actively participating in Church activities.

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Should Christians Have Cosmetic Surgery?

I have been asked this question so many times. It is perfectly Ok for any Christian to get cosmetic surgery – provided it is for the correct reasons.  If that person is self-conscious about a part of their body and it is causing them a good deal of discomfort – physical or emotional – cosmetic surgery is something that should be considered.

For the Wrong Reasons

On the other hand, if that person is considering surgery to make themselves more attractive, that is not considered a good reason.  Let me explain that a little more.  There is nothing wrong in wanting to attract the opposite sex, provided those desires are godly. A woman may want to make some changes to the way she looks to please her husband or she may have small breasts and want them a little larger. 

If the size of her breasts is causing emotional discomfort, then surgery is something that should be considered and there is an excellent clinic that does breast augmentation in Austin.  If however, the purpose for the surgery is for sexual attraction simply for the sake of it, then that cannot be justified on any moral Christian level.

Medical or Corrective Surgery

If the cosmetic surgery is for corrective purposes – injury, deformity, etc., then it is perfectly justifiable. Perhaps a person has a nose that is causing them some embarrassment – corrective surgery for that is considered to be OK.

Health reasons are also a justifiable reason for a Christian to undergo cosmetic surgery.  I know of two women who have undergone breast cancer surgery in Cedar Rapids at a highly professional clinic. Both have opted for reconstructive surgery. Some people believe this falls under vanity reasons but these are people who have clearly never lost their breasts to cancer.

Other health reasons for cosmetic surgery include psychological health as well as physical health.  Everyone is different and every person suffers from his or her own form of insecurities.  Each person should talk with God before making the decision to have surgery.

Satisfaction Not Guaranteed

On the whole, Christians should really be content with what God gave them from the start. However, that is not saying that, if you were born with some kind of deformity or suffered an accident that caused a deformity of some kind, you should be happy and live with it.

Different issues require different thinking and different abilities to cope.  If the cosmetic surgery is carried out to correct a physical deformity, a psychological issue or even an emotional one then there is nothing wrong with it.  If it is purely for selfish reasons, i.e. sexual attraction, attention seeking or just because everyone else is doing it, then they are not justifiable reasons under Christianity.

We must not forget that Christianity is responsible for keeping Western Society on an even keel. It is what holds society together and we are not in the business of setting bad examples. Cosmetic surgery for the wrong reasons is a bad example, not one that we want our younger people to learn from.

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Reasons Why Churches Must Raise Funds to Buy Sewing Machines

When it comes to church projects, there are lots of possible ideas in order to help the poor and the needy. Usually, church members raise funds to buy food and shelter to the poor. In some instances, the money raised is used to beautify the church. There are also those who use the funds for doing activities that will strengthen the faith of the members of the community such as retreats. However, if the church wants a unique way of spending the money raised, then a new sewing machine is highly suggested.

Uses of Sewing Machines

It might seem weird for the church to invest on sewing machines, but they actually serve a lot of purposes. To begin with, sewing machines may be used to create costumes during church related plays. For instance, during Christmas and Lent, the church usually hosts plays to remember the life of Christ. The amount of money spent on buying costumes might be really high. However, if members of the church can volunteer to do the costumes using the sewing machines bought from the funds raised, then the church won’t have to spend a lot anymore.

Another reason is that there are church decorations that need to be changed or repaired every now and then. For instance, altar covers have to be repaired after a long time of use. Church curtains should also be changed every now and then. Even what the church servants will wear also, have to be sewn. From the priest down to the lay people, everyone needs something to wear for the ceremony. Thus, it is important to have a sewing machine that will take care of all these details.

Most of all, the best part in using this sewing machine is that it can create lots of clothes that may be donated to the poor and homeless. Church members always have this notion that they can give out their old clothes to the poor. Though it is good, the poor people also need to wear something new every now and then. Therefore, if the church has sewing machines and there are volunteers who can create clothes, then lots of them may be given out during Christmas and other occasions. Poor children will definitely be happy with their gifts.

Choosing High Quality Sewing Machines

If the church has decided to buy a sewing machine out of the money raised, it is important to carefully select the type of sewing machine. Of course, the money was collected from the people. Therefore, they need to see the fruits of their donations. If the sewing machine can last for a long time, then it will be worth it. If church members see that the money raised went to the right direction, they won’t have problems supporting other church fund raising events. To check out the best embroidery machine to use, go here. For those who want to buy the best sewing machine for beginners, visit Hopefully, this project will end up with a huge success.

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A Closer Look on Christianity in Vietnam

Vietnam is known for its beautiful landscapes, rich culture and heritage, as well as sumptuous local cuisines. Those who are interested in Vietnam holidays must visit Hoi An and Hue, which are both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Buddhism is the largest religion in the country. Around 85% of the people here are Buddhists. However, there are also Christian groups, though they only make up 8% of the population.

Christianity in Vietnam

Although Buddhism is the most common religion in Vietnam, Christianity is not new in the country as it was first introduced in the 16th century. It was only in the 19th century when the number of Christians increased. Roman Catholics and Protestants make up the Christian community. Catholics make up the 7%, while Protestants make up the 1% of the Christians in Vietnam.

Religious freedom is still an ongoing battle for Christians in the country. Only a few recognized churches by the government are allowed to worship. Those that are not recognized, but still perform worships and other religious activities are sent behind bars. The past year alone, at least 50 people were arrested, including church leaders and pastors for practicing Christianity.

How Christian Organizations Can Have Missions in Vietnam

International Christian organizations who would like to reach out to Christians in Vietnam must be very careful to avoid conflict with the government. If your organization is interested in this matter, you may get in touch with People’s Aid Coordinating Committee (PACCOM). This is a central office of the government that can be found in Hanoi. You must register as an INGO or international non-governmental organization. This is the best way to start a mission in Vietnam as this is the legal way. Learn about the rules so you would know what can and cannot be done.

Another possible alternative is to contact the provincial or local government of the area where you would like to conduct your mission. Small activities or projects are often allowed, as long as you make an agreement with them. But again, you must learn about the terms to avoid problems.

Christianity is present around the world, even in countries where there’s limitation when it comes to religion.

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The Other Side of Botox

These days, the way we look seems to be the single most important thing. Everywhere we look, there are adverts, telling us to how to make ourselves look better, pictures of celebrities who have had plastic surgery to enhance certain parts of their physique.  Then there are the ads that tell us we should have Botox injections to make ourselves look good.

As a Christian, this goes against the grain for the simple reason that God doesn’t see the outer person, he sees the inner beauty and that can’t be enhanced by Botox.  However, vanity and trying to emulate our so-called role models aside, there are actually a number of medical reasons why Botox might be required so I thought I would take a closer look and see just what it can be used for:


Botox is used to treat migraine in some places, usually when all other avenues have been tried.  It’s normally only used for sufferers of chronic migraine and helps them to manage them better. I did a little more research on this and found a clinic for Botox in New England that offers this and similar treatments.


Or hyperhidrosis as it is medically known.  Botox apparently blocks off the signals sent to the sweat glands by the brains and reduces excessive sweating.  Each treatment lasts for about 8 months and the injections are given in the areas affected – feet, face, armpits, etc.


An overactive bladder is more common than we think, especially in the over-40’s.  Having Botox injected directly to the bladder wall can help to reduce the sudden need to urinate and recent tests showed that it was actually quite effective for about 6 months before a repeat injection was needed.


And other conditions that produce muscle spasms are good candidates for Botox injections. The Botox reduces muscle spasticity to a more controllable level.

Bell's Palsy

This is when one side of the face droops due to problems with the nerves. Botox relaxes the muscles and reduces the twitching to a better level.


Also known as Strabismus or cross-eyed. Botox can be injected into the eye muscle to weaken the muscle and allow the eyes to realign.

Eye Twitching

This is when the eyes twitch uncontrollably and repetitively. Botox injections can work to reduce the twitching by relaxing the muscles and each treatment is effective for several months.

Essential Tremor

This nerve disorder causes shaking and twitching in different parts of the body. It can be uncontrollable and will have a serious effect on quality of life. Botox injections work best for head and vocal tremors.

The Downside

According to a recent study, Botox does have the ability to shut off emotional response.  This could be because the injections remove part of the ability for facial expression and, because of this, emotional expression could also be reduced. There is more research on this though before it can defined as a side effect.

So you see, sometimes we have to put our beliefs to one side and do what’s best for us, not what we think God wants us to do.  In Brisbane, Botox clinics offer treatments for many of the above procedures and more so you can safely put yourself in the hands of a professional surgeon and in God to give you back some semblance of a normal life.

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Debt and It’s Unholy Place in Western Society

The whole idea of debt has been so deeply engrained into our Western Society that it is sickening.

As you grow up, you are implanted by society with expectations that you will go to college, and take out loans, so you can sit in your rightful place in society. Then when you graduate and get your first job, you are supposed to go out and buy a new car to get you to and from that job, and of course pay for it with a new car loan to match your student loans. Then once you are ready to get married in your mid-20′s, you are supposed to go out get the largest mortgage you qualify for, and buy a house right at the top of that budget, so you can have you ‘dream’ life.

But what this dream life is selling is a whole load of un-holy garbage. Not only is this not a financially smart way to go about things, but it’s also an un-Godly. God speaks very negatively about debt all over the bible, and it’s very clear that debt should be incurred as minimally as possible, and if you do incur it, you are to pay it off as soon as possible.

If we ever want to have a world of freedom to live and preach the good news to people around the world, we can’t be burdened by the large amounts of money that we owe to large corporations for things of this world. You won’t be able to take that fancy car or that huge house to heaven, so why do we burden our earthly lives with such tremendous liabilities?

Getting Out of Debt – Make a Plan

If you are in debt now, please don’t be self-condemning to yourself – it’s a place that everyone gets in at one point in their life, and is not difficult to get out of once you have the right plan of attack.

The first step in getting out of debt is to make a plan of attack for how you will pay off the various debts that you have. Make a list of the various payments and debts that you have, in order of smallest to largest amounts. We want to be able to make the minimum payment on each one of the debts, but put all extra money towards the smallest-amount debt, in order to get it paid off first. This is a technique first made popular by Dave Ramsey.

This will create a debt snowball effect, and help you to gain momentum to keep charging and attacking new debts.

Too Deep? Get Help

For some people, the debt snowball effect isn’t quite enough to get them to where they need to be. In that case, you need to reach out and get the help you need.

If you owe a large amount to the government in back taxes, reaching out to a Christian tax debt relief company can be a great option to have someone in your corner to fight against the IRS for you. One of our favorites is Instant Tax Attorney ( is their office here in Sacramento. ).

If you have large amounts of consumer debt, then a Christian Debt Consolidation company would be the best one to reach out to. There are many available, and it would be best to get a recommendation from your church about a good one locally.

You’re Not Alone

The good news is that you are not alone in this struggle! Many other people face issues similar to yours, and can be there to help you get free of them with time.

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Being Good, Charitable Christians

As Christians, it is our duty to make sure that the needs of our less fortunate brethren are met. This is a duty that is emphasized in the Bible. Considering this, it’s really a shame that so many Christians from all over the world ignore such a duty. This is the case even with the most faithful Christians. Thousands of Christians all over the world who are wealthy actually don’t take part in charity efforts or help out in their own way, and this is considering that these people consider themselves very faithful. It’s really such a shame.

The good news, however, is that there are some Christians who actually make it a point to be charitable. What’s even more surprising is that many of these Christians aren’t even well off. In this post, I’m going to talk about Raul Hernandez, a home improvement hobbyist from Toronto. Through his help, so many houses located in housing projects in Toronto now have amazing roofs.

If you didn’t know, one of the biggest and most common problems faced by housing projects in Toronto is the fact that they have shoddy roofing. Now, you might think it’s not such a big deal, but by not being able to do roofing repair Toronto homeowners end up exposing themselves to so many health risks. If you look up the literature on it, you will see that living in a home that has poor roofing significantly increases one’s risk of exhibiting certain health problems These health problems include increased asthma attacks and allergic reactions. Considering this alone, people living in the housing projects really need to make it a point to deal with roofing problems. When dealing with roofing problems such as roof repair Toronto citizens should make sure that they are doing a great job so that all of the relevant health risks are significantly minimized.

The good news for many people living in the housing projects is that there are some charitable individuals who are offering their services for free, one of these people happens to be Raul Hernandez. Although Hernandez is not a professional roofer, he has helped so many people from the housing projects by installing amazing roofs on their homes free of charge. Although he is not able to help everyone, we can definitely say that he has made a significant positive difference in the lives of so many people from all over Toronto. We actually interviewed him about the work he’s done, and here’s what he told us:

“As a Christian, it is my duty to help out. I’m not like the many greedy corporate officials out there who despite having a lot of money do no actually help out. It’s really a shame since these people consider themselves devout Christians. As a Christian, I make it a point to help out, and this is by giving poor people all over the area amazing roofing. I may not be a professional and I may not offer the best kind of help, but I’m glad that I’m still able to help out so many poor people in the area.”

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Christian Freedom and Firearms Rights – An American Belief

One of the many freedoms that many American Christians will live with each day that they take for granted is the right to bear arms. Many Christians across the globe do not have the ability to possess or even own a firearm. In America, firearms are a symbol of Christian freedom and a right that many Christians and Christian conservatives will lobby for when it comes to political affiliations. The more conservative Christians will argue that the right to own firearms is a basic right that they should have just by living in a certain state or area.

Why do American Christians feel gun rights are their “right?”

What many people do not realize is that the Christian following in America is different than that around the globe. Christianity and the bible do not outwardly promote gun rights. American Christians typically are influenced by the belief that their country was founded on the Christian faith and that as a result of that, it ties directly back to the 2nd amendment of the United States. This is the United States Constitutional right of the ability to bear arms. Americans have over time adjusted their belief system to incorporate the 2nd amendment rights to tailor toward the Christian belief system.

So just what does the Bible say About Gun Ownership?

Nothing! Firearms weren’t even around when the bible was written. But Americans will typically talk about how gun rights apply to them just because of their interpretation of their belief system and the belief that nobody should have the ability to take away their constitutional rights. The bible does however discuss many things about forgiveness, faith and honesty. These traits are all traits that would do not impact gun ownership, but would encourage individuals to be responsible and make sure they are being honest with their faith and the traits that their beliefs would encourage them to embrace.

Firearms Support and Firearms Safety:

Firearms are such a strong topic in the Christian community that many outspoken celebrities and conservative leaning individuals have come out in support against firearms legislation and more freedom around gun rights. They preach practical gun ownership and promote gun safety, and encourage owners to secure their firearms by finding the right gun safe. Typically to find the top gun safe for their needs, the individuals would need to do their research by reading up on the best gun safe reviews. This could end up being a larger scale safe or one that is kept by the bedside as well. Most outspoken conservative Christian gun rights activists will promote safe gun ownership as a means to prevent crime and prevent the possibilities of violent acts being committed. They believe that by arming the American public that they will be able to better defend themselves against violent acts even if the guns themselves are the tools used to commit them.

You Decide:

Whether or not Christianity is tied directly to Guns and Firearms is a personal view, but many would say that it’s an American view, not a worldwide Christian view. The reality is that gun ownership is a hot topic around the world with all Christians and only you can decide what’s best for you.

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Being Charitable Christians

Christianity is still one of the most powerful forces in this world. As Christians, we can exert great influence on the lives of so many people from all over the world, both Christian and non-Christian. Considering this, it’s really important that we try to be good role models, and we can be such people by following all of the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The sad part, however, is that most Christians (even here in Toronto) don’t make it a point to follow all of the teachings of Jesus. Because of this, so many people who could benefit from our doings continue to live in abject poverty. It’s really such a shame and it shouldn’t be the case; Christians who have the means to help should definitely do so. In this post, I’m going to talk about how one company of Toronto plumbers (click here to find out more about hem) make it a point to do charity every now and then. Hopefully, by doing so, I’ll actually get more people to help out.

As one of the many emergency plumber Toronto companies, the contractors of our featured company are always ready to help out. Because of this, one can reasonably expect that the company has a lot of customers. Still, even though this is the case, they’re not a particularly rich company. Sure, they earn a lot, but the money they earn isn’t enough for them to become philanthropists on the level of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or the other famous charitable businessmen you regularly hear about.

Even though our featured company isn’t a particularly rich company, it does help out in the housing communities in Toronto. Through their work, they have been able to fix the plumbing problems of so many poor citizens in the area. You may not realize this, but plumbing problems can actually lead health problems. Backflow can contaminate water supplies and cause poisoning to people. Considering this we can definitely say that our featured company has been able to save so many lives through their plumbing work, and considering that they don’t get anything in return for what they do, we really have to commend them.

We interviewed on of the contractors of the company, and here’s what he told us:

“We may not be the biggest company in Toronto, but we make it a point to help out. This is the least we can do to honor God for giving us success. Also, it really is our duty as Christians to help out the less fortunate. It’s really such a shame that most Christians don’t help out. And when one considers that many of the rich in this country are Christians, one feels dismay. Still, we hope to inspire people to do good through our works. We may not be the most important organization when it comes to extending charity, but I believe that even the small pieces of help we extended end up improving the lives of so many people here.

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Charity: A Christian Duty

As Christians, it is our duty to uphold all of the teachings of our Lord. It isn’t a matter of adhering only to the beliefs we want to adhere to. Being a Christian entails following all of the teachings of our Lord. Unfortunately, though, in today’s world, most Christians don’t do so. They only follow the teachings that they are able to follow easily and then just ignore the teachings that are too hard for them to follow. Many of the rich people here in Toronto try to be as faithful as possible and observe all the religious traditions; however, many of these people actually ignore the plight of the poor. Although they can easily help other people live their lives in a more dignified manner, they refuse to help out. They believe that it is okay to just accumulate money and possessions and not have any regard for how others are faring. This shouldn’t be the case. The good news, however, is that even in today’s world, some Christians still do make it a point to help out. Some of these Christians happen to be the owners of some mould inspection Toronto companies.

When it comes to mold remediation Toronto residents trust certain companies over others. This is because these companies only employ certified and insured contractors. These contractors are able to provide the most amazing services to homeowners in the area. Of course, there’s more to these companies than meets the eyes. The best mold remediation companies in Toronto also happen to be headed by charitable persons, and these persons have made it a point to help out in the poor housing communities in the city.

If you didn’t know, many of the people who live in the poor housing communities have mold problems. These mold problems result from small leaks to poorly house construction. Whatever the case may be, these people are not able to live in a comfortable home because of their mold problems. This is because constant exposure to mold has made these people exhibit allergic reactions and asthma attacks frequently. The good news, however, is that many of these people are able to deal with their roofing problems efficiently, and at no cost too! This is because they’re helped out by the best mold inspection companies in Toronto.

One of the owners of the mold inspections companies is Jay Masters. Here’s what he told us when he interviewed him about his company’s charity work:

“We try to be as charitable as we can be because that’s what good Christians should do. It’s not just a matter of being faithful. God tells us that faith isn’t enough, that we should also help out the less fortunate when and if we can. It’s really just unfortunate that such a message is often ignored by people who have the means to help out.”

For tomorrow’s post, I’m going to talk about some of the most common problems faced by the Christian youth. Many of these problems have resulted in a lot of Christian youth straying from the right path. It’s really such a shame. If we make it a point to tackle these problems, we can make a difference in the lives of so many Christian youth.

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As Christians, We Need to Be Charitable

As Christians, we need to make sure that we follow all the teachings of the Bible. We can’t just pick which teachings we will follow and then just ignore the other ones. It is the duty of every Christian to follow everything God says, and in this post, I’m going to talk about a Christian responsibility that is often ignored by most Christians: being charitable. Having faith in God isn’t enough. To be a good Christian means to be charitable to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

Now, you might be thinking, how can I help out the less fortunate when the current economy is terrible and I’m not doing that well for myself? In today’s world, there are actually a lot of ways people can raise funds for the purpose of helping out charities. Through such ways of earning money, people can donate to their favored causes without hurting their personal finances. Although there are many such ways of earning extra money, we are only going to concentrate on one in this post: binary options trading (know more about the subject here). Just by doing binary options trading around two hours a day, I’m able to donates thousands of dollars to the Christian organizations I’m connected with.

Now, you might be asking, what is binary options trading? Binary options trading (Click here for more information) is a form of online trading that has been steadily gaining popularity over the last decade. In fact, it is now considered one of the most popular forms of online trading. There are many reasons as to why binary options trading has become so popular, one being that it is very to learn. Unlike other kinds of online trading, binary options trading is actually very simple to do. Binary options trading mostly just involves buying options from brokerages and then putting or calling on them. Making the right decision between putting or calling always leads to people earning a fixed amount of money. Considering all these things, one can easily see why binary options trading has proven to be so popular.

If you look up the statistics, you will see that a minority of Christians are actually doing binary options trading for the purpose of helping out. Most of these people end up donating around 50% of their earnings; a very few, on the other hand, donate almost all of their earnings to the charities of their choice. It’s really heartwarming. The best part is that with each year that passes, more and more Christians are doing binary options trading for charity.

Hopefully, this post of mine ends up making more people realize that they need to help out and actually do so. As Christians, we must do something to lessen the suffering of the less fortunate. It doesn’t matter whether we just donate money or use our own expertise to help out – what’s important is that we actually do so. For tomorrow’s post, I’m going to concentrate on some of the issues faced by modern Christianity. If Christianity is to flourish in the modern world, then these issues must be addressed.

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Windows For Religious Organizations

windowYou’ve seen them. The old, rustic, stained windows that line the halls of old churches and cathedrals. Pictures of the apostles, and Jesus Christ, stories of the bible and stories of God. These windows were the most popular in mid-evil times. This is what they call stained windows. Some are over a thousand years old. In this article I will go over some of the most popular stained glass windows in the world from door windows to patio doors.
Notre Dame in Paris, France. This is a site that you need to include on your bucket list. Built in the 12th century, Notre Dame’s stained glass windows are some of the most fantastic pieces of mid evil art that you will ever see. These rustic images are so astounding because of their sheer time lasting in the cathedral. For almost a millennia, these windows have wrapped this cathedral in colorful works and images of bible characters and stories. On one end of the cathedral, the most noticeable piece of work is the windows above the organ. Shaped like an organ, these windows have stood the test of time and are bright with beautiful orange and red colors that are in perfect geometrical alignment. Luckily we have modern manufacturing process to make this easier.

Chartres Cathedral. A 13th century painting put up on the walls of the Chartres Cathedral depicts 5 men standing around a table and enjoying a pleasant dinner of bread, meat, whine and a red fruit, likely figs. On the border of this stained glass painting are 4 flowers in each corner of the painting, giving it a nice border, which is then encompassed by a blue ring, and a red ring. It is interesting to note that the man in the middle is wearing a crown, which is likely to mean that he is the king eating with his servants.

In the Poitiers Cathedral sits one of the most renown stained glass paintings in existence. It is a painting of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is a tall, rectangular glass that is rounded at the top. At the rounded top sits the father, surrounded in his glory by angels worshipping him. Blow the father is Jesus Christ on the cross. Next to Jesus are the roman soldiers, and next to them sit the woman that were close to Jesus, watching on as he takes his last breaths of life. On either side of the upper part of the cross sits 5 figures, for a total of 10. The majority of the figures are looking up at the father, while some are looking down at Jesus on the cross. Below Jesus is the disciple Peter, who is hanging upside down on a cross. This is in a smaller frame, representing Peter’s own statement of not being compared to his master, which is why he was on the upside down cross in the first place. Next to him are a myriad of people watching on, and at the bottom of the glass in the middle there are two woman holding on object and looking up at Peter.

Learn more about stained glass windows here: Window City

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Why Should Christians Recycle

recycleWhen God commands us human beings to have dominion over the earth (Genesis 1:28), he does not mean for us to lord it over all the lesser creatures and living things and use them and exploit them for our own ends. God does not mean for us to be autocratic bosses. We are to be boss the way God himself is boss – kind, generous, compassionate. We are to have dominion the way he has dominion. We are to be extensions of his justice and his mercy, agents of his creative power.

God does not waste. Nothing is too old, too barren, too ruined, too sinful, that God can not make it whole, fruitful, and beautiful. Out of darkness and chaos, he has created the cosmos. God the good shepherd will go out and seek the lost sheep. God makes old, shriveled wombs fertile. God is the Father who never gives up hope that his wayward son will return to him. He makes saints out of prostitutes and corrupt tax men, ignorant people, weak people.

At the heart of it all is our love for God, and our gratitude and appreciation for his gifts. And the thing is… everything is gift. All that we have, all that we enjoy, our money, talents, and resources – they all come from God. And what kind of ingrates would we be if we threw away or wasted any of his gifts? When our kids bestow us with their little tokens of love – we treasure them and keep them always. When God gives us a sandwich to sustain our life, we should not take a bite and throw the rest away. When he gives us air, we shouldn’t pollute it.

So YES, Christians should recycle. We should avoid wasting and throwing away God’s gifts and letting them pile up in dumpsites where they do more damage to the air, to the seas, and to creatures. Sometimes that means reusing those glass bottles and jars instead of throwing them away. Sometimes it means sourcing foam containers from companies like Ken Dart’s Dart Enterprises, which has facilities for collecting and recycling its foam products.

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